Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Egg?!

The longer I live in Korea the more I love Korean people! They are so different from Americans which is a great thing at times and other times its just different! This is a story of one of those great times that made me laugh. 

One of our good friends, Stone, told me to rub a raw egg on my face (when he saw the bruising on my face from falling last week). I said ok not thinking anything of it but after i had several other Korean people tell me to do this i figured there must be something to it. I wasn't willing to try it until i asked Stone about it and im glad I did. Here is how our conversation went:

Me: Stone why does everyone keep telling me to rub and egg on my face? what good does it do? 
Stone: Chinese say thats dead blood (the bruises) and the egg helps get it out
Me: So what do i do? I just rub raw egg into my skin?
Stone: uhhh  it has to be cold. Ill show you (walks to the fridge pulls out an egg and takes the egg still in the shell and rubs it on my face)
Stone: Why? (as in why are you laughing)

Bill and I talked about it before asking Stone and we just couldn't figure out why rubbing a raw egg on my face would help. We also thought raw egg- as in a cracked out of the shell raw egg. Once we understood what they meant i obviously went home and tried it. I must say it has helped a bit. Because its cold it helps with the swelling and rubbing it on the bruised area has helped with the circulation to clear it out. 

Have you ever heard using an egg  this way to help with bruising?  

OINK- only IN Korea 

Photo by travelsheep2004

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