Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Is anyone else thinking about Christmas? Its been on my mind for about a two weeks now. I know, I know its only September. I know its really early to be thinking about it but for us December holds several life altering events (one being our move back to the states, more on that later).So I figured why not start now and make the gifting part of Christmas a bit less stressful! I am making quillows (a blanket/pillow) for the kiddos. Quillows are a family thing... Ill be posting a tutorial in the next few weeks. Hopefully you can add one of our family things into your.
I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas trees. ha I have made mine since Bill and I became a family... i need some new ideas for this years tree. What do you think?
What are you all planning on doing for Christmas?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill's Super Birthday

Let me just throw it out there... The Mr. and I are a bit nerdy. Not only are we a bit nerdy... we have nerdy friends! That being said for Bills birthday we decided to have a "Super Friends Celebratory Meeting" a.k.a. create your own superhero party! Here are some photos of the event. I'm mad at myself for not remembering what everyone was!

 Although he doesn't look thrilled Keegan had a blast and he looked Super cute 

I am certain the guys at the party had so much fun figuring out in great detail  what they would be.  They also put  a lot of thought into their costumes.  My husband actually created all of our masks and did all of Keegans costume. I didnt know i had such a crafty husband.

Happy Birthday Bill!

So if you were a super hero what would be?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obnoxiously Excited

Have you ever gotten so excited to do a craft that you had to do it at.that.exact.moment? Well I have and I tend to get to excited and not think clearly. I recently had this happen i didnt take the time to realize that a "scrap" of fabric really wasnt a scrap at all. It was actually a piece I had cut out to finish another project. That hot air balloon shape that you see above on the left is not supposed to be there. ha ha The Mr. made fun of me when I realized what i had done. Thankfully I am laughing at my stupidity along with my hubby poking fun at me.  I clearly need to organize better.

Alright friends fess up, have you ever done anything like this? I would love some reassurance that I am not the only one who gets a head of themselves.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chusok Carnival Celebration

Monday we celebrated Chusok which is a Korean holiday like Thanksgiving. All of our Royal Plaza family had the day off so instead of eating Korean food we celebrated with a little piece of home.  And let's be honest we always love a themed party ha ha.

We made a carnival type day. We played games ate all carnival food and just enjoyed the day together! 

Four Months

Our little man is four months old today. We took him to the Doctor and he weighs 6.5 kg/14.3 pounds and is 24 1/2 inches long!  My baby has doubled in size and I am thrilled about that however im shocked that is has gone by so fast.
He was such a champ this morning when he got his shots too he didn't even cry while getting them! He actually smiled at the Doctor after the first shot. Let me just say i was not expecting that from him this morning since he was ready for his nap right when we left. We got home and he took a three hour nap. Oh i love this little man

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sewing Milestone

Do you see this?!?  This is my very FIRST empty spool of thread!

I am thrilled to be in a stage of life that I am able to sew enough to go through an entire spool of thread. Its never happened before and if you notice the natural thread on the right  is getting pretty low as well!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A month of Sundays

So I know I said I would be back to blogging tomorrow, well tomorrow turned into several days! Ooooppss seriously this week flew by for me sorry about that. I'll just do a little recap of all the things that went on in the past week.

We went to a water park with the teenagers from our church.  It was such a good time. It reminded me why I loved youth ministry so much. Our Keegan was practically a celebrity there! Everyone wanted to stop and take a look at him, you can actually see some of them in the photo below. He HATED the cold water in the wave pool but loved the warm bath like water in the hot tub.

I did some serious hair this week and I loved it! I had the privilege of doing a first haircut on Charollett. I also did a highlight and every time I look at this gal it reminds me of all the good times I had working with the Wright ladies in the salon. I am not sure why it reminds me of them its probably because i miss them terribly  but I love the constant reminder.

We also had a MOPS planning meeting for our upcoming meeting. I am so excited to see everyone once again. For the local mamas if you plan on coming it's this Wednesday. Make sure you register!

Last but not least the Mr. is having a birthday next week and we are having a super get together. It will involve these masks but I don't want to give away any secrete identities yet.

For Bills birthday shindig I need some dessert ideas. What do you all love?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch up

The past for days have been ridiculously busy! Forgive me for the lack of blogs, right now I have to cath up on the must do's in life before I can do the want to's. On top of being busy i left my camera at a friends house and ill get it back in the morning...So I'll be back to blogging tomorrow (: I hope you all had an amazing weekend!