Monday, September 12, 2011

A month of Sundays

So I know I said I would be back to blogging tomorrow, well tomorrow turned into several days! Ooooppss seriously this week flew by for me sorry about that. I'll just do a little recap of all the things that went on in the past week.

We went to a water park with the teenagers from our church.  It was such a good time. It reminded me why I loved youth ministry so much. Our Keegan was practically a celebrity there! Everyone wanted to stop and take a look at him, you can actually see some of them in the photo below. He HATED the cold water in the wave pool but loved the warm bath like water in the hot tub.

I did some serious hair this week and I loved it! I had the privilege of doing a first haircut on Charollett. I also did a highlight and every time I look at this gal it reminds me of all the good times I had working with the Wright ladies in the salon. I am not sure why it reminds me of them its probably because i miss them terribly  but I love the constant reminder.

We also had a MOPS planning meeting for our upcoming meeting. I am so excited to see everyone once again. For the local mamas if you plan on coming it's this Wednesday. Make sure you register!

Last but not least the Mr. is having a birthday next week and we are having a super get together. It will involve these masks but I don't want to give away any secrete identities yet.

For Bills birthday shindig I need some dessert ideas. What do you all love?

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