Friday, August 5, 2011

OH Mom!

This week I was staring at my sweet little one and teasing him making fun of him and it hit me! When Keegan gets older is he going to make fun of me like I make fun of my mom?!? 

As cute as she is... she makes it WAY to easy to make fun of her. I mean really... she says things like "Rock has the best odds" in a game of rock paper scissor".  Its pretty easy to tease her when she styles her hair like Derick Zoolander! My all time favorite things to make fun of my mom for is her being a straight "A" student. Here's why... She called me one day in tears about how she just took a test and actually went to the proctor and asked him if he gave her the wrong test. She was convinced she knew nothing on it. Three days later she gets her results and it was an "A"! Seriously its too easy to tease her.  

As i was thinking about all the things i make fun of my mom for... i realized that the endless giggles we get from it are some of the sweetest moments we have together. As much as i tease her I thank God constantly for giving me the most wonderful mom a girl could have. I only hope that i can be half the mom she has been to me.  

I would LOVE to hear about the crazy things your mom's do. Leave a comment or link back to me. 


  1. I think it's Mom Syndrome. We call our Mom "Special Mom" because she says things like, "Hey! Call jack-knife before your brother gets out here!" To which I reply "Jack-Knife??" And she says, "Yeah, you know when you want to sit in the front seat of the car and you yell Jack-Knife!"

    And I feel the same way as you. I wouldn't trade her for anything!

  2. My mom still calls me her baby girl, as to which I say, "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore." But, I don't mind when she treats me like I'm five and plays with my hair. :) I may be 23, but I still go home and say, "Mommmmm, will you play with my hair??"

    PS I love that you've created this blog! It's fun keeping up on what's going on in your lives over in Korea... and seeing pictures of your adorable little boy!