Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It makes for a good story

     Being a new Mama I have tried to just go with the flow and let God take care of us. Specifically in cross cultural situations. Lets be honest He is in control anyway. (: That being said Koreans love babies! This makes them want to help whether their help is welcome or not.  They love them so much that it tends to make Americans feel uncomfortable. 
     For instance the other night we went out to dinner and two seconds after we walked in the owner grabbed Keegan out of Bills hands and praded him around like he was hers. There was a party of 30 Korean people that saw Keegan with this lady and went goo goo over him. She was so busy running around with him it made all my photos blurry. 

      I love the Korean mentality of rasing kids together. Like how this lady wanted to help us by taking our baby off our hands while we could get our things set down and order our food. This is an extreme example of an older woman loving on our baby and reminiscing of the days when her kids were tiny in her arms. Although everywhere we go we have people stop whatever they are doing (working, driving, playing with their own kids) to get a peak at our little baby with his "big eyes" or his "Curved nose". 

I love when things like this happen. Do you have any experiences like this? I would love to hear them!

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