Monday, November 7, 2011

The Real Deal

Keegan has now started eatting "real" food and let me just say he LOVES it. He has been eyeing the food Bill and I eat for a little while now so we gave him a spoon and let him pretend to eat. Now that he actually was given food he devoured it!

Keegan's aunts and uncles were just as excited to celebrate this milestone whit him as we were.

I am SO EXCITED to make him baby food once he turns 6 months, which happens in 9 day. I have been looking forward to this season since before he was born.

Any tips/suggestion/ideas that you have found useful in making baby food?


  1. awwww he's growing up too fast ;)

  2. So fun! You will have to remember all of these things to pass on to me one day!!!