Thursday, November 10, 2011

Japchae! Sweet potato noodles

Since our time in Korea is coming to an end i have come to the realization that i will not be able to eat Korean food every other day. I am not ok with that!  We LOVE Korean food! So now that I have realized we will not have access to Korean food i have decided i am going to learn to do it myself. This week the sweet ladies at church offered to teach me how to make Japchae.

Japchae is a sweet potato noodle with mixed vegetables. Its one of the best side dishes in Korea. I think its a safe dish...some are fantastic, some are simply okay, but its never really bad. You can find a recipe here  but I have seen this made multiple times and there has never been any kind of measuring. Just rough measurements and adjusting to taste. 

Do you have a foreign dish that you love to make? If so what is it?

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  1. I love Korean food too!!! I actually didn't discover that until we came to Manila! There's a fantastic place here, and that's the very dish I ordered. SO GOOD!!