Friday, March 2, 2012

Im convinced...

Although I am loving being in Florida there are a few things I hate. One of them being lizards! And I am convinced that there are two lizards taunting me every time I go to work. These lizards are not just your normal looking lizards. They are significantly bigger and they have disgusting curly tails.

I'm also convinced the stalk me... You see they live in a crack that is inconveniently located right outside my job. Every time they know I am coming or going they run right toward my feet which are obviously in sandals.

These mini iguanas are a constant reminder that God has created them for a purpose and all though I don't see it, He thinks they are beautiful and not terrifying.

Is there something in your life that has a purpose that you have not taken the time to thank God for?

This photo does not show the beastliness of the lizard that taunts me. Just trust me... Mini iguana is the proper description....

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