Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Moving back to the states was bittersweet for us. But today we experienced the sweetest thing do far. My niece was born and we got to be there moments after she made her debut! She is a beautiful 8lb 20in long healthy baby. She has not been named yet which makes me giggle since it took us several days to decide on Keegan's name. Now this baby is special to me not only because my favorite job in the world is being "T" (what my nephew calls me) or Imo ("ee-mo" what my sweet Charlotte calls me ).This baby is extra special because her momma has been my dear friend since we were five. Twenty years of, graduations, marriages, kids, and everything else we have been friends. Congratulations James and Beky!

Does anyone else LOVE being an aunt as much as I do?

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  1. i love being her (and Bens) Aunt just as much as you!! I didnt name Samantha until minutes before discharge, she was baby girl Russell for 3 days, lol :)