Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinner and A Show

The Mr. and I have the pleasure of working with our teenagers at church for the past few years. This week I realized two things. The first being they keep getting younger and younger lets be honest im just getting older  and I  rediscovered just how much I love teenagers.

The teenagers at our church put on a dinner/drama event and we got to help them. I got to sit back stage with them and  keep them quiet. Somehow we have the LOUDEST teens ever ha. It was a nostalgic time for me. A few years back i work with a drama team who ministered to teens all over the states. I loved every minute of it. Now i love that i am able to help these teenagers minister to others through drama.  

Confession: I love all theater, especially when there is music involved. I may or may not have preformed all of Wicked for Keegan twice last week! What is your favorite play/musical? 

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